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Your Timing and Event management system, Race Control run by a dedicated team of timing professionals. We have over 30 years of combined experience in competing in motorsport events and developing management systems. We develop our own systems that bring a new dimension and simplicity to mass participation events.

With the development of the race control systems we were aiming to offer a “Race in a Box” . Consequently we're extremely good at coming up with innovative solutions to nearly any challenge. Put simply "We Time Human Endeavour".


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Rover MX Rover MX


WFO Enduro WFO Enduro

The Liquorland Lions River WFO Regional will be the 6th edition to the championship


Enduro World Club Enduro World Club


CSA Racing CSA Racing


Extreme Off Road Promotions Extreme Off Road Promotions


Kelrn MTB Kelrn MTB

Typical of the beautiful but harsh Northern Cape province, the event will take place over mostly fast paced Jeep trail and single track, but do also include a mixture of loose and technical terrain and will cover distances of 12.9Km, 30Km and 60.4Km.


Powasol Extreme Events Powasol Extreme Events

The Xtreme1000 is the Final round of the Powasol Big5Xtreme Series. Coming to the most amazing riding KZN can offer, The Valley of 1000 Hills near Hillcrest. 4 Classes: Gold Silver Bronze Bronze Team of 2 Plus the BONUS!! The KZN Enduro Adventure team are creating a FUN Ride as well. Same day, same venue and same vibe.


Extreme Off Road Promotions Extreme Off Road Promotions

The Roof of Africa, held in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho is considered to be one of the absolute toughest off-road endurance events in the world, attracting the world’s best Xtreme Enduro competitors to take on the challenge.