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Frequently Asked Questions:

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I am new and need to Register:

Click Register on the top right hand side of the screen and fill in the details requested. Please use a user name you will remember i.e. your ID number.

Once you have completed the user name and password it will take you to your profile. Click edit details and fill in your details with as much requested info as possible. You are now ready to enter events which you can do by either clicking on events and results or Home and then click on the event you are looking to compete in.

FOR Motorcycle NON competitive events simply use 0 as  race number and OTHER for Federation.

I forgot my Username and password:

Please click on “forgot user name” or “forgot password “on the login screen and this will send a reminder to your registered email address.

I cannot login even with my correct username and password:

Please update your browser as this can sometimes effect the functionality of the site. Google Chrome or Firefox seems the least affected so try login with one of them.

I need to update my details with new Club, Race number, Licence number, Sponsor etc:

Login, then click profile and edit all your details there. This will ensure that all new entries will use these details!

I have entered an event but need to change the details on the entry:

  1. Login then click profile and edit rider details. You can update your details here!
  2. Once you have change the details on your profile and clicked finish you need to update the entry details on any existing events. Click enter race on any races you have already entered. This will bring up your existing entry (it won’t duplicate it !) and update the entry form with the new details, click next and it will save this new info!

I would like to check my results:

Click on events and results, check the date of the event you competed in and click on the name of the event and this will bring you to the screen with the “view results” option.

Race Control Team entry procedures:

  1. Click on enter race and this will take you to the login screen. If you have previously registered for a motorcycling event you will unfortunately have to register another profile for cycling.
  2. Click “Not Registered” and this will take you through the user name and password registration process.
  3. Once you have assigned a user name and password you will be presented with a Profile page where you will need to edit all your profile details including Bike and medical details.
  4. Click finished and this will return you to the “enter race” page. If for any reason it does not take you back to the enter race process, simply return to the Home page. Click on the event you are wanting to enter and click enter race again.
  5. Once you have registered and now logged in, click “enter race” and follow the entry process from there.
  6. Any competitor wishing to remove his entry simply needs to login click on the race and under view competitors is a “remove entry” button and clicking this will remove this entry from the event. If the person removing the entry was the creator of the team (team principle) the whole team will be removed!
  7. Changing team members. The new team member simply enters and joins the team! The team Principle then logs on and clicks enter race again. This will bring up his existing entry will all the team members, he then just clicks delete next to the member leaving the team! Remember if the team principle changes, a new team will need to be created as by removing the team creator will automatically delete the whole team!
  8. Each team (principle) will have to approve or reject anyone joining his team. Clicking reject will completely remove that persons entry! This is done by clicking enter race again (this will not duplicate the entry only bring up the existing entry) and team mates will be displayed at the bottom of the screen for acceptance or rejection.
  9. Once you are registered on race control you simply need to login using your details and all your original details will automatically complete your entry form for any future events. If any details have changed simply click profile and edit your details there before clicking enter race.

I have entered my Sponsor but the details But it wont let me complete my entry?

For all MSA Motorsport events in SA you must have an official sponsor licence to diplay any sponsor details. If you don't have a licence please contact MSA for these details. Once you have filled in an official licence number you will be able to complete your entry. For ALL non MSA sanctioned events simply type NA (not applicable) !


I would like to compete in South African Offroad Motorsport events and need an official race Number?

You need to contact the controling body of the events you want to compete in and request an official race number for the year as well as a licence. Please find below the controling bodies in SA below. 

I forgot to print out my entry form and other documents when I entered. How can I get back to print them out?

To print out documents etc after closing the entry simply click enter race again. This will bring up your existing entry and you can click next till the last page and print out all the documents there.

I have entered and need would like to pay my entry fee but cannot find the banking details

ALL banking details are displayed on the LAST screen of the entry process along with the total amount. If you missed this simply click enter race again and proceed to the last screen (THIS WILL NOT DUPLICATE THE ENTRY!) and check the details there. Additionally the banking details are also displayed on the printed entry form which you can print off on the last screen as well. Failing this banking details are alson normally shown on the regulations which can be viewed on the "Enter Race" Page. 

Multiple user entries?

All entrants must have their own profiles and each individual entries done under their specific login details!

I would like to enter the Roof Of Africa event but there is NO Enter Race button

The Roof Of Africa events have a strictly controled number of entries. These are controled by the organisors and not by Race Control. Please contact the race organisors directly regarding these numbers and opening and closing of entries as Race Control does not control these! Organisors details are listed on the Regulations!

I have entered but my race number is incorrect!

Don't worry as all competitors are issued with event numbers and these will be updated on Race Control before the event. Keep checking on view competitors!

How do I know that the organisors have recieved my payment

Check on view competitors (same screen as you entered on). If it says "confirmed" yes, then they have accepted your entry and payment. Please give it a few dates for payment clearances etc! Remeber your name will not appear on the competitor list untill they have recieved your payment!

I am on the waiting list. How will I know if or when I am on the official starting list?

The event organizers will contact you directly, please don’t contact Race Control as we don't control this list! Each entry is time and date stamped and entries will be prioritized in entry order!

I want to pay but don't have the banking details?

R.6,000.00 Gold & Silver Class

R.5,500.00 Bronze Class

(includes Competitor Satellite tracking, GPS Services, Timing Services, MSA Levies, Community Levy) Competitors must transfer their entry fee directly into the bank account detailed below Please quote your surname as the reference to ensure that it gets credited to the correct entry. No cash deposits please as these will attract cash deposit fees for the entrant. Please print and email your proof of payment to the address below.

Bank Details Account Name : Extreme Off Road Promotions (Pty) Ltd Bank : Standard Bank of South Africa

Account Number : 24 057 2327

Branch Name & Code : Ladybrand – 05 56 33 E- Mail


Where, When, How....

Please refure to the event Regulations! This is found under " view regulations" on the entry page!


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Race Control Timing Systems is unlike anything you've ever seen. We use overhead readers, so no mats or ramps are needed. The systems comes complete with hardware, software, and online training as well as support. We offer a fully managed system for National events or a affordable ownership of a system based on a per rider cost lease option for regional or club events. Contact Us if you have any queries or are interested in getting it for your own Club or National Races.

Please note that Race Control is only involved in Timing of the events. ALL event organisation is controlled by the organising clubs and as such all questions pertaining to the events need to be directed to the event organisers. We don’t have the answers. Please read the regs associated to the event which will have all the appropriate phone numbers listed.


For Race Issues please contact the club CLUBS PAGE

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